MO4903 Jo.MO


Jo March: the rebel among “Little Women” of Jane Austen who opposes her destiny and reshapes it, like this model reshapes the idea of bag itself. Round instead of square, small but extremely spacious, stern but full of life from the contrast between black and green: this bag is ready to remind you of who you are in every moment of the day. Once you try it you will never be able to live without like whoever gets a taste of freedom, unique Jo.MO!

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L. 33 x H. 28
-Black opaque calf leather with engraved logotyped pattern on top, green calf leather with engraved logotyped pattern on the sides and on the bottom
-Details in varnished black leather, gold plated
-Insides in personalized.MO fabric
-One external zip, two internal zips
-One black tuft and a chain and opaque black leather strap included

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